A licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist since 1987, Jan Marzetta is an expert at diagnostic skincare with a particular passion for clients facing challenges with acne or those desiring more youthful-looking skin.  Jan excels at corrective skincare and her unique approach sets her apart in an ever-growing industry. She has an excellent understanding of the correlation between pH, ingredient concentration and product effectiveness, which is the basis for making skin change.  She is committed to her clients' long-term satisfaction, employing her wide-ranging experience and comprehensive methodology to be a true partner in their skincare journey.

Dedicated to staying at the forefront of the changing skincare industry, Jan has continued her education well beyond her graduation from Pivot Point International.  She has completed the Nutrition & Skin Care Management Course with the RenaiSante' Institute of Integrated Medicine, studied at the International Dermal Institute and participated in numerous other training sessions and conferences.  She continues to train with leading skincare companies, including Jan Marini Skin Research, Dermaquest Skin Therapy, Hydropeptide and more.  Jan is a published author and contributor to Skin Inc magazine, one of the esthetics industry's top educational magazines.

"My interest in skincare originated in a deeply personal place - my own struggles with acne and allergy-related skin problems," says Jan.  "Like it or not, we live in a very visual society, and I am dedicated to helping others look - and feel - their best."
Jan's passion for helping others also extends to her community, where she shares her knowledge with local civic groups, students and scout troops, has served on local civic boards, volunteers, and is a proud supporter of Autism Awareness.


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